Day 1 -This is a good sign right?

Sunday 16th October

I was invited to go for a MTB ride last Sunday morning and had an inauspicious start to my Fab at 40 Training Program.  Here’s my story, you tell me what you think.

I was woken (somewhat rudely) at 5:30am by my alarm.  I rose, had breakfast, made a coffee and got dressed (I’d forgotten how cold it can be early in the morning).  I was waiting for my fallback rider to arrive and collect me and I noticed the time on the microwave was an hour earlier than it was supposed to be.  So I changed it… (yes I was still mostly asleep).

As I was about to text my fallback rider to see where he was I saw a text saying he was sick and had pulled the pin and wasn’t coming.  Uh oh!  Just so you know, a fallback rider is someone, anyone, who is slower than you.  So long as they’re in it with you, it seems to make the ride easier (maybe it’s knowing someone is doing it tougher than you are??).

My courageous response…. I went back to my bedroom, got undressed and crawled back into bed having decided I was not going.  My wife, lovely person that she is, planted an evil little seed in the form of encouragement.  “Go on, it’ll be fun.”  She murmurs from her comfy position in the warm bed.  “You’ll regret not going…” she follows up with in neat one, two sucker punch.

So I got up…. again and rushed out the door (now running late).  Now I noticed that my car clock was showing an hour earlier than it should also (the microwave and now my car, wtf?).  Not knowing how to change that, and starting to doubt my phone’s accuracy, I called Tony to see where he was at.  He didn’t answer.  Hmmmm, highly unusual given he needed to be somewhere in about 30 mins and is the ‘EPITOME OF COMMITTED AND DEPENDABILITY’.

Now I was really suspicious about the time.  Half way down the highway I knew I’d been caught out by daylight savings and it was actually an hour earlier than I thought it was, so I decided (again) to pull the plug and return to Bunya and just do a gentle ride on my own.  At least that’s what I told myself, knowing that home was between where I was and Bunya.  So I texted Tony to tell him.  He was now up and convinced me to join him for the ride.  Suffice to say I’m glad I did but I really could’ve done with the extra hour of sleep which it turns out I didn’t need to deprive myself of.

So is it bad that I tried to bail on my exercise (twice) or is it good that I managed to persevere and get the job done?  I’m opting for the latter.  What do you think?

… and by the way, talk about making it hard for myself.  Welcome to my world.


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