I have to do progressive what?

Another wet and miserable start to the day.   Well not miserable if you had the fortune of staying tucked warmly in bed with the blinds drawn and another few hours of sleep to look forward to.  Like my wife did.  Miserable if you had to drag your sorry butt to the gym to work off last nights Indian takeaway and complete this flippin INTERVAL SESSION, like I did.

Something Tony said helped me get there and ultimately get through it.

Progressive Overload.  “What the??  Isn’t overload a bad thing?  Don’t they fine truck drivers for that?  Why do I have to do it?”

Quick explanation from Tony.  “Seano, we’re just making a start.  We want to gradually and progressively increase the intensity of your training.  No point going out on day one, smashing yourself and not being able to move for the next week.  Better to go do the program, and take it easy so you can work into it.”

Ahhh.  Sounds like great advice and I’m sticking to it.  The session still sucked.  But in a good way.  I got through it, clocked up 5 odd kms of running (I’ve not done that in nearly a year) and now feel really good about myself for having done it.  And you know what?  The sun even came out.  Truly.   You’re probably aware exercise makes you feel good (eventually).  You may not know (I learned this today) that doing exercise when you’d rather not and when no one else is, makes you feel REALLY good (immediately).

“I’ll take two of that please!!”


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