Are you a Journey Man or a Destination Fiend?

Tuesday: Day 2

One thing you’ll find out about me is there is a few different me’s.  For starters, there’s The All or Nothing Guy.  He’s either training for the Olympics (you’d think so if reading his training plan), or sitting on the couch eating cake and getting fat.  Incidentally, it was the Nothing Guy who got me to where I am right now…  fat and unfit.  It was this guy who showed up yesterday.

I didn’t have any training planned (first mistake) and had a busy day with work.  I work for myself and it tends to come in fit’s and spurts.  The saying, “It never rains, but it pours” seems to hold particularly true for my work.

I did notice though that having started my Fab@40 plan, I did feel better about things in general and was less hard on myself.  My pants were (are) still too tight but it got me to thinking.  Is it better to be doing something and focused on the journey, than it is to be focused wholey on the result/s of having done it (the destination)?

I think that perhaps it is.

Not to say results aren’t important but if I focus on doing each day as well as I can, then the results will come.  If I focus on the results, I’m always beating myself up for not actually being there and am more likely to chuck it all in and go eat cake.

What do you think?


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