Measuring the damage

Every journey, big or small, begins with the first step… 

My first step was to see where I was at and to plan my approach to fixing The Problem.  So it was with this in mind that I nervously attended my first session with Tony this morning.

I knew what I was in for.

1.Assessment of current condition (argh, blood pressure, weight,  measurements, pinch test….

2. Discussion of goals (reality check likely required)

3. Initial workout (oh my poor body)

As it turned out we didn’t get to the initial workout because of the very thorough nature of the initial assessment and goal setting.  I’ll post my baseline measure’s shortly but suffice to say, it wasn’t pretty – but as Tony said (several times) it’s the starting point.

What stood out for me was:

  • Goals were realistic – Tony didn’t promise me the world and kept the goal setting achievable.  This is important because I (like many others) set overly high expectations and then get disappointed when I fail to achieve them.
  • We’ll be tracking gains/losses each month to ensure I stay on track.  I will also be asked to rate (out of 10) body image, self esteem, energy, sleep.  It was these measures that Tony pointed out are the important ones.  Sure, my waist size has health implications but what he really wants for his clients (or me anyway) is to be as healthy as I can be (within my genetic potential and time/lifestyle limitations) but to be happy with that.   This will be good for me I think.

I’ve yet to see my detailed exercise plan but loosely I’ve committed to 4 weights sessions per week and 4 ‘recovery’ sessions.  These range from walking the dog, which I do everyday already to going for a light jog.

We’re going to focus first on building some consistency in my training and then we’ll look to increase the intensity (that sounds painful already doesn’t it?)

We also took some pictures today which I’ll be posting once I get over the embarrassment and doing this each month.  In the background I’m going to take a daily pic and try to compile them into a sort of time lapse video at the end of the 3 month plan.

I seriously encourage you to commit to a health plan and you can share your efforts with me through this blog and we can help to keep each other accountable and motivated!

Cheers Sean


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