“Oooh Baby, make it hurt so good”

Ohhh. I’d forgotten how much this stuff (good old fashioned exercise) can hurt (in a good way).

I did my first weights session with Tony tonight.  I got there a little late, despite my best laid plans.  One of the things I remember about training consistently was being well planned.  Things like taking your gym gear (all of it) with you on the way to work if you have an evening session.  My personal challenge today was that my car was parked in and it took awhile to find the attendant.   Needless to say, I arrived very stressed and frustrated.  Now the atmosphere at the studio where we do our training is not traditionally ‘zen, abundant with water fountains, contemplation rooms and therapeutic mud baths, but… the hassles and stresses of the day are soon forgotten as you get into your session.  I’ve always approached my exercise as some form of stress management and this is where it comes into it’s own.  Nothing like pushing through a challenging circuit, or mastering an exercise you’ve struggled with, or… pushing yourself into and red zone to blow away the worries and stresses of your day.  Don’t believe me?  I promise you that one or two of these sessions will definitely help you to manage your stress better.

Now I gotta go and get my recovery in.  I’ve got an interval session to squeeze in tomorrow morning before work…. That’s the other thing I remember.  You gotta take advantage of the time you have when you have it because when you add exercise onto your already busy day, you are not rewarded for sitting around on the couch.  Or sleeping in.


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