The Cold Light of Day

Okay.  I’m not comfortable with this.  I’m about to post my ‘before’ pics online.  Here.  And that’s before I’ve gotten to my ‘after’ state.

I’m doing this for three reasons.

1)  To show that I’m an average guy

2) To help hold myself accountable (some goal setting theory suggests making bold, public commitments)

3) So that I can track my progress and be reminded of where I started.

As they say “A picture tells a 1,000 words” and these pictures tell me quite clearly.  “Sean, Sean, Sean…. what have you done?”  It’s important to have these objective measures because (in my opinion) our own perspective can be somewhat distorted (positively and negatively).  In my case I was telling myself “It wasn’t that bad.”  or “just a little bit of extra body fat to get rid of, it’s just the winter insulation.”

Here are some pics.  Don’t laugh.  Or tease.  Oh, and just to protect my ego a little I’ve also added a pic from a 24hr MTB race I competed in a few years ago.  Let’s call it a personal reminder of whats possible.  🙂

I’ve also posted my measurements.  Not all of them, just a few to give you the picture.

  • Chest: 106cm
  • Waist: 94cm
  • Total Skin Folds: 130.20mm
  • Weight: 82.9kg
  • Body Fat: 21.5% 
  • Measurement Date: 2nd October 2011.

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