Why did I do that???

Well.  I went grocery shopping the other day.  Something I’ve done a fair bit of over the years.  I used to shop for my family when I was 17 (probably so I could drive the car) so I know my way around a supermarket.  I used to work for one too, at about the same time.  So I know the tricks they use (well some of them anyway) to get you to buy more.

My wife and I usually eat reasonably healthy options.  Light on the sauces, stay away from starchy carbs in the evening, reasonable portions of meat, fresh fruit and veggies.  You know the drill.

Our biggest challenge is probably portion control.  We’ve also realised that if it’s not in the house we can’t be tempted by it so we only require any real willpower in the store.  We never go there hungry, and mostly shop to a list avoiding the aisles that don’t have things on our list, reducing the impulse.

I’m not sure what happened to me the other day.  I was not hungry.  I had a list.  I was starting to hit a rhythm with my training.  Was motivated and feeling positive about my weight loss goals… Do you sense a ‘but’ looming?

Well there is.  Despite all the above, or perhaps even because of it, I managed to walk out of the store with a 6 pack of chocolate yogos, and a box of coco pops!!!  Pardon my french but WTF?!!??











I have not eaten either of those things since I was about 17 years old (22 years ago).   That doesn’t mean I haven’t thought about that “chocolate milkshake…. only crunchy” since then.  I have.  Recently, a lot.  The yogo I just happened to walk past.  The coco pops.  Hmmmm or rather mmmmmm.  I digress but damn it, what would you know but I’m thinking about them now.  STOP IT SEAN.

I think my food is a bit like my training.  I know a fair bit about it all.  What works, what doesn’t etc.  What do they say, knowledge is good but a little bit of knowledge can be dangerous.  So in hindsight, without a plan I can’t seem to be trusted to make the sensible choice when it counts whether it’s training or food.  That’s it, over to the expert.  “Tony, I need a food plan please.”

Not sure about you, but I find it easier to take some of the thinking out of the equation and let someone else guide my actions for a bit.

Hmmm, on that note.  Perhaps I need to see a financial planner too.


ps.  Don’t let my wife know I’m happy handing over decisions to others because she sure likes making decisions for others.  🙂


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