7 out of 10

Day 8

Looks like Tony’s going to be checking in on the sessions I’m supposed to be doing in my own time…

So…. No-where-to-hide then.

We reviewed the previous weeks training efforts to see how I went.  Not sure how many I had booked in, I know it wasn’t my full planned training load and yet it was WAAAAY more than I’d done the previous week.  I moved one session, substituted another and missed one.  And got a score of 7/10.  Nothing like a bit of honest feedback to show how you’re going hey?

One of the sessions I substituted was a “Fast 5km run”.  Not sure what fast means, but 12 months ago it would’ve been about 20 mins for me.  Now, I’m not sure I could actually do it non-stop.  I am legitimately worried about building up my running too quickly.  One of the reasons I fell off the wagon was that I was pushing so hard I was carrying several niggling and increasingly painful injuries, mostly around the running.  So in the interests of “sustainable activity” (my term) and “progressive overload” (Tony’s term), we agreed to do a slow 3-4km run this week before fronting up to the 5 km.

Thanks Tony, I appreciate a trainer who;

a) takes my legitimate concerns into consideration and

b) can tell the difference between legitimate and cop out.

Negotiation complete for now.


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