Trips, traps and pitfalls

Initially I thought there were three key elements to my Fab@40 plan.

  • Exercise.  
  • Food.  
  • Recovery.
There’s actually a fourth one…
  • Avoiding Pitfalls.

Life is full of trips, traps and pitfalls and this is equally true for me embarking on this training program.  I’ll share the most recent and no doubt not the last I’ll have.

I had a fairly typical day today and got my training in.   Tick on the plus column.  I also got great sleep the night before and was feeling fresh.  Another tick on the plus side.

The weights session was on my own and I’m pretty sure it was not a stellar session, but it was better than expected (given that I didn’t really want to be there).  It was an afternoon session and I’d had nothing on in the morning.  By the time the allotted training time rolled around, I was starting to look for excuses not to go to the gym.  What got me through was there are only 5 exercises on this session so it doesn’t take too long.  Once I got there, it wasn’t too bad so it was a good reminder to just turn up and see what happens.  So I managed to avoid that trap (another tick for Sean).

Now, what really tripped me up today was my food.  I’d been caught out the previous day too with tasty (calorie laden) conference/workshop food.  I’ve found it initially difficult to ‘turn on the switch’ in my brain so that bad food choices don’t even pop up on the radar.  I know I can do it as I’ve done it before.  I even made sure I was well prepared with my good food choices ready to hand (this helps enormously).  Dinner was the problem.  My wife cooked Tuna Alfredo with some broccoli.  Not an totally bad meal in and of itself, but not one that’s going to help me lean down and no-where to be seen on my food plan.  I’ve always coached clients to reflect on their decisions/actions and look for patterns and triggers so that moving forward they might recognise them earlier and even avoid them.  So this is what I did.  I think, the trap was that Kirt was ready to eat before me because I’d had a late snack.  She was hungry after having not eaten for much of the afternoon.  So rather than make intelligent choices together about what was ‘right’ to eat, she went for what was ‘quick’ to eat (or prepare).  Tuna Alfredo it was.

It was yummy though and we tried not to beat ourselves up about it as that would be lose/lose.

So the lessons I took from this.

  1. Be prepared.
  2. Shop to a list and remove temptations from the house.
  3. Eat regularly and try to synch with your partner, especially if they’re on the same plan.
  4. Start cooking before you get hungry.

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