What I’m Tracking

Day 9

I mentioned earlier that I was tracking a couple of factors on a daily basis.  The things I am interested in are:

  • Sleep
  • Energy Levels
  • Mood
  • Food
  • Activity

I’ve included my ‘scoring key’ for you below so you have some idea what the numbers mean.

Scoring Key 1 – 10 with 10 = excellent
Sleep 10 = > 7hrs, fell asleep < 1hr, limited night time waking
Energy 10 = Excited about workout, motivated to get things done, feeling good
Mood 10 = positive, excited, rational, happy, content
Food 10 = compliant with nutrition plan, eat multiple small meals
Activity 10 = completed all planned activities with enthisiasm and energy

Here’s the graph from the past week or so.  I’m particularly interested in seeing if there are any relationships between things like sleep and mood, or activity and energy.  Probably too early to see any patterns yet though.


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