Nice to have someone next to you

Much like in life I think, it’s nice to have someone next to you at training.

Normally it’s just me and Tony, today it was Kirsten, Tony and I for another 1 on 2 PT session.  I think I’ve mentioned progressive overload in a previous blog.  Today just what that means was brought home to me.  Our session had just that little bit extra in it over the previous week and we both felt it.  Oh well, as Tony said while trying to inspire both of us to greatness at 6:45am this morning… “Each reps making you stronger”.

The thing I’ve always loved about personal training is pushing your own limits.  It’s very rare that I walk away from a session and think to myself “I could’ve done that on my own.”  Whether it’s 1 extra rep, pushing that little bit harder on a circuit, going that little bit deeper on a push up, or having someone next to you supporting you as you find new reserves of determination, strength, courage and persistence.  I love the experience of letting go and handing myself over (to someone who has my best interests at the forefront of their mind) for 30, 45 or 60 mins and seeing what I can do.

I know too that not all trainers are the same.   From personal experience and comparing stories with friends and colleagues I know that some couldn’t give a crap and I’ve even had the misfortune of paying a lot of money to work with one.  One trainer at a gym I go to delivered the exact same workout to each and everyone of his clients and was watching the tv while counting reps.  I saw on several occasions him count a non existent rep that the client didn’t actually do.  Not Tony and not his team at Zenergy.  Lots of people claim to be the “best in town”.  I know on university holidays Kirt and I would pack up the Kombi and go on a road trip for a few weeks.  The number of places proudly advertising “The best pies in Qld, Nsw, Vic or Australia!” was extraordinary.

Now some of them were damn good, many were just plain average.   It wasn’t till we got a good one that we knew we’d previously been having bad ones.   My experiences with bosses while working for the man reflected that too.  Well, anyway this is not true for Tony and his team of trainers.  In my experience, they are the best in Brisbane and I think it stems from loving what they do…  more on that another day.


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