The Exercise is the easy bit…

A bit like the cat in the picture, I thought I was on top of everything and then… ‘whack’ the ball hit me in the face.

So far I’ve managed to hit most of my scheduled training sessions.  I get 3 a week with Tony and the remaining 4 or so I do on my own.  Our plan was to start with a focus on consistent training and gradually increase the intensity of those sessions as I was more able to cope with them.  Go too hard too soon and I’d be going home broken and not turning up the next day.

Well I’m happy to report that I’ve managed great consistency over the past 3 weeks and feel like I’m getting into the groove.  Obviously to lose weight and be looking and feeling fab @ 40 it’s more than just exercise.  My food is a big part of any planned weight loss.  I don’t know what the ratio between diet and exercise is in terms of weight loss, it’s probably different for everyone but I think for me food is probably somewhere between 60 and 70% of the total picture.  You know what I mean?  In terms of which is more important it feels like great exercise won’t make up for shit food, but great food could help shit exercise.  Like most things, it’s a balance I guess.  And like finding your balance on a tight rope suspended 40 feet above terra firma, it’s not that easy.

The point of this entry is to confess just how bloody hard it is to eat well all of the time.  Or most of the time.  I think it may have something to do with the number of choices we face each day around food or exercise.  If I have 1 session scheduled then I only have to be strong and committed once that day.  Also, if I don’t go it’s a complete fail.  With my food, I have multiple decision points throughout the day, I have someone else to feed who also influences my decisions and options AND if I let one meal slip I tell myself (falsely) that it doesn’t really matter.

So here’s the confession.  I brought my  one per week cheat day forward last night and ate roast lamb, roast veges and gravy and finished it off with a homemade blackberry sponge desert.  Yum.  My justification “All I have to do is eat well for the next 6 days and its a legitimate cheat meal.”  Oh, did I mention the two drinks I had with dinner…. 😦

So tonight I probably over-ate and had a small portion of ice-cream to top it off (left over from previous night).  You will be proud that I only purchased a very, very small tub of gucci ice-cream.  Not a 4l tub which would tempt me for weeks to come until I decided I was going to eat it all anyway, might as well get it over and done with.

I’m off to bed now and will spend a few minutes thinking about one day of good food choices.  Perhaps I’ll plan dinner now, so I’m not hungry and tempted for badness…


ps….  any readers out there on there own weight loss, feeling fab program?  I’d love you to share your experiences and let me know I’m at least a little bit normal….


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