Excuses, excuses.

Day 6

Had a session with Tony today in the Studio.  First thing he asked about was the interval session.   “How was it?”, not “Did you do it?”.  Immediately I listed my ‘excuses’ and felt terrible doing it.  Had a brief discussion with Tony, he does not harangue, but rather explores the reasons and looks for solutions so they don’t trip you up next time, nice.

Anyway,  I realised I had not planned properly.  I could’ve done many things, other than go outside and run around a wet park.  I think (know) I was looking for a reason NOT to do the interval session.  One reason for that is I know it’s a tough session.  They’re meant to be.  From previous experience, they’re also very good for you and I do remember (vaguely) actually liking them…..(once it doesn’t feel like my chest is going to explode anyway!).

Lot’s of lessons today.  At the end of today’s workout I was reminded of another of my bad habits.  If you know me you’ve no doubt heard me talk about this before. If not… here it is.


I tend to compare myself with others.  Often elite, highly successful others, or worse I get a glimpse in the window and make assumptions about the rest.  For instance, you see a guy driving a porsche at the health club on Tues arvo and assume he’s got it all.  Perhaps he’s on the first holiday he’s had from his high stress job in 4 years……

Anyway, I digress.

The net effect of this comparison, is that I end up coming out the other side feeling deflated.  This time was a little different, but no less damaging.  This time I was comparing with my former self.  Remember, I have been pretty fit in the past and these intense cardio/weight sessions are not new to me.  What I had to do was complete three descending sets of two exercises as quickly as possible.  It took four minutes.  That’s all!

And in that time my mind went EVERYWHERE!!!    “This is so hard!”;  “I used to smash this shit!”; “I’m never going to get fit again!”; “Why did I let myself go?”  

Tony’s advice,  “What are you thinking about that for man?  You should be focusing on the next 2 reps.”  I did.  And then I did it again.  And again.  And then again.

And then I was done.  Flat on my back on the gym floor.  But I had completed the activity!!!!

Funny how when you change your focus things get easier….


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