I’m getting nervous…

It’s measuring time and I’m getting nervous about how I will go.

On the 3rd October Tony and I established a baseline and then set some goals to hit.



Here they are:


  • Strength – benchpress, 82.5kg 1RM
  • Weight – 82.9kg
  • Skinfolds – 130.2mm

I’m confident my 1RM has increased as I get to do that in training but the only indicator I have for weight and skin-folds is how my clothes fit.  And truth be told, they don’t feel any looser!!!


  • Weight – 81kg
  • Skinfolds – 115mm

I know my body is feeling different.  My muscles feel firmer and I THINK more defined.  Whether they’ve grown at all I’ll have to wait and see.  Measurement time can be a bit tricky for me.  When things don’t move as much or as quickly as I’d like them too I can be a bit hard on myself.  That’s where having Tony on my side is a real plus.  I’m sure he’s seen it all before, I don’t think I’m overly unique in this regard, so he’s always got some great reframes to help me think about things in a different way.  For instance, I struggle with chin ups.  Not matter how much I practice, they never seem to get easier and I max out at about 6 wide grips.  My mindset “I’m no good at these.”  This becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Tony helpfully pointed out that some people can’t even do 1 and it’s not about reps, its about working the muscle so if it’s hard, then that’s good.  Not sure if I took to all of that straight away.  I mean you can tell the guy who’s in hospital just been hit by a car that he’s lucky it wasn’t a bus and I’m not sure they’ll buy into it straight away.  But the message I took was that I needed to work on my thinking game.  Try to start thinking about things differently.  A suggestion, when I eat my planned dinner and don’t feel full.  Tell myself (perhaps even in advance) that it’s good, that I don’t want to feel stuffed to the brim when finished.  You’re probably doing one of two things when reading this, either saying to yourself “well duh, of course you’ve got to think positively” or something along the lines of  “yeah, yeah, whatever…”  (or perhaps something a little more cynical).

I suppose if nothing else when I choose to feel positive about something (only doing 6 chin ups instead of 10) at least it takes the sting out of the situation.  Who knows, perhaps next time I’ll get 7??


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