Paleo, Atkins, High Protein, Low Carb… huh?

As you know I’m supposed to be sticking to a food plan as prescribed to me by Tony.  Also as you may know, I’m having a little trouble sticking to it.

I’ve found over the years that I like to understand the rhyme behind the reasoning so that I can make more informed decisions about whatever it is that I’m doing, training, eating, stretching… whatever.

I’ve even gone to the trouble to educate myself somewhat on healthy diets.  I’ve looked at the GI diet, a no carbs after lunch diet, the CSR Approved diet and food plans from dieticians and trainers for specific sports.  So I figure I know a little bit about my food.  In this case I’ve found a little bit of knowledge can be dangerous.  The tendency is to start mixing and matching elements from different diets and I think you then lose any of the potential benefits.  I think you need to let one run it’s course for a while, without muddying the waters by adding, subtracting and multiplying things.  Then you can make an informed decision about whether that particular approach can work for you.

I’m going to talk to Tony this afternoon about a diet called the Paleo diet.  The basic principle is that we should eat in the way that we’re genetically designed to eat.  Given that we evolve as a species very slowly, think 1,000’s of years, then we need to be thinking about what our ancestors used to eat.  As far as principles go, that makes a lot of sense to me.  I’m reluctant to leap in without talking to a few people about it though as it looks like a fair bit of ‘education’ to get oneself up to speed on the approach, foods, preparation etc and some of the messages are in direct conflict with principles I’ve come to accept over the years.  I’ll let you know what Tony thinks about it and what I decide to do about it.  Perhaps an experiment is looming?

So I’m interested in you, what approach do you take for your food and does it work for you?


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