October Weigh In.

Ok.  It’s been a solid month of training (or remembering how to train) and and gradual increase in my food and lifestyle improvement plan and now it’s time to weigh in.  This is an aspect of working with a trainer that many people dread.  The scales, shirt off for ‘The Pinch Test’ and the measuring tape.

Personally I find this a bit confronting.  Very self conscious of my belly, protruding love handles, skinny legs etc.  I also find it very, very beneficial.  Why?  Well, I can kid myself all month that one or two ice cream deserts (not on the plan) won’t hurt, or that I can skip my interval session because my legs are sore and I’ll still be ok.  But when it comes time to check the progress, to see what my body has done in response to the exercise and food plan, there is simply no-where to hide.  I’ve previously experienced a wide range of emotions when being measured.  Some times it’s pride because things have moved in the right direction and significantly, other times its incredible frustration when you’ve had a very compliant month and bugger all changes.  This time it was a mixture of surprise and chagrin.

This is what the scales showed:


Mon 03 Oct

Wed 02 Nov




Body Fat %



So that’s an increase in weight (not part of the goal) and a decrease in the body fat (part of the goal but not as much as hoped for).  I also saw some increase in my measurements around my arms, chest, shoulders etc.  Now this was not actually all bad.  It means I put on about 3 kilos of muscle while losing about 1 kilo of body fat.  That’s actually not bad going. I’ve never put on muscle that quickly before.  Perhaps its the shock of getting back into weight training after a long period of cardio based tri training (and a period of complete inactivity)?

So Tony and I reviewed the plan, looked at my eating and discussed where I was slipping up.  One area, I like milk.  I would like to drink a lot of it.   I have it on cereal and in three coffees each day.  It adds up, about a litre a day I reckon.  He want’s me to cut it out, I really struggle with the idea of reducing my coffee and milk….  watch this space.

So with a few tweaks we’ve reset my next months goals to increase the fat loss.

It’s funny you know.  Tony does quite precise and comprehensive measurements and analysis and it’s good to have that data, but I could tell those results from how my clothes fit.  I knew my pants had not gotten any looser (so I’d not lost weight off my belly/waist) and my shirts were getting tighter around my shoulders and arms (so I’d probably put on a bit of size).

As for the body fat, I’m constantly grabbing my belly and chasing Kirt around with it so I’ve got a pretty good handle (no pun intended) on what’s going on.  So the message?  Check in, get the honest objective feedback so you can measure what works and what doesn’t, but don’t kid yourself.  You know how you feel.

Peace out!


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