To change or not to change?

Help me.  I’m facing a dilemma.  For the past several months (perhaps longer) my clothes haven’t been fitting so well.  For the most part I’m talking about my pants.  Tight around the waist type not fitting.  Kinda, you;re getting fat, not fitting.  Know what I mean?

It’s my work gear that’s the real problem.  I wear business dress and my (previously) loose pants have been getting more and more uncomfortable.  The belt’s on it’s last notch and the tops of my pants sorta fold over and I have to suck in my belly to do them up.  That’s not right… right?

I’ve steadfastly refused to change up a size because (to a 36 inch) firstly because I’m on a program to reduce my waist and secondly, I’ve never been that size for more than a week or two in the past 10 years.  So it’s NOT MY SIZE.

Well after this months weigh in I actually increased my waist by 0.5 cms while losing 1kg of fat and increasing size and muscle by 3kg’s.  This has meant that now my shirts aren’t fitting either.  Normally slim fitting they’re now 8hrs of torture and serve as a constant reminder…. “that you’ve let yourself go”.

So what to do?  Do I succumb to comfort and upsize (even if temporary) or suffer through this and use them as a reminder of why I need to exercise more and eat less?

Help please?


3 thoughts on “To change or not to change?

  1. Hey Sean

    Love your honesty. This is tough – I have been there, know the feeling so well.

    Only you can decide what to do here… but I will share the thought process and action I take when in this situation. I acknowledge the situation and that it can be turned around. I get the hard facts – I step on those scales & take my measurements & write them down. Cold hard facts. Then I make a commitment to work hard to turn the situation around. 1 or 2 weeks of super clean eating and solid, consistent training will make an enormous difference. I do not succumb and buy larger clothes these days – I put on those smallest pair of jeans and remind myself that a month ago they fitted perfectly and that I will get back there with some discipline and consistent effort. Before losing 40kg I spent years ‘upsizing’ my wardrobe…. so I know that giving in and upsizing the clothes only gives you more room to expand!! 😉

    Of course, you need a plan that is greater than just a week or two so that you prevent this from happening again and, furthermore, so that you can work on being the fittest and healthiest version of you for life. However, making a short term huge commitment to turn this around so that you do not have to buy larger new clothes would be my first plan of attack.

    Whether you decide to buy new, larger clothes is kind of a side issue… the immediate decision needs to be about what are you going to do to turn the situation around and lose the centimetres / kilos? How can you REALLY ramp things up? What commitment can you make for the next 1 to 2 weeks to give it your all?

    Really keen to hear more about your journey mate!! Smash it up!

    • Hey Ange,

      Thanks. You’ll be happy to know that I didn’t buy larger clothes. Instead I moved my currently too small items out of my drawers so I didn’t have them there (there really were too small, not just tight) and have persisted with the current items. I noticed just today actually that a pair of jeans I’ve had for awhile are actually fitting a little more comfortably. Perhaps the past month or so is finally starting to take hold!! Fingers crossed and thanks for your support.

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