Damn you sense of smell!

Smells Form Powerful Memories

Tropical hotel lobby

Studies have been done on the effects of smells on our brain chemistry and its tie to our moods and emotions.  It’s a fascinating subject.  Someone actually started a company that works with major hotels, resorts and casinos.  His aroma therapy systems emit pre-selected aromas in the environment that are reported to stimulate certain moods in visitors. For example, at one resort, his system releases a special “tropical blend” in the lobby that invokes noticeable happy festive moods in its patrons. He’s making a living simply by triggering people’s sense of smell and making them feel happy!

The Science Behind Sense of Smell and Scent Stimulation

the right scents can help accelerated learning

When we breathe in an aroma, the particles that make up the aroma are detected by the part of our brain that govern our sense of smell and emotions. Often, this has an instantaneous effect on our moods and emotions. Some experts tell us inhalation is the most direct route between the outside world and our brains.

So why am I cursing it?  Well I left my office today at about 6pm.  My office is located directly above a local pizzeria.  A good one.  They had the ovens on and pizza’s were cooking away.   I was hungry.

That smell was/is a tantalising one and I think it’s done for me.

Lucky I’ve got a cheat meal up my sleeve this week.  Whew!


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