Put this under ‘Life’s Guilty Pleasures’

Saturday afternoon I got to indulge in something I can only call one of my ‘Guilty Pleasures’.

A nana nap.

A snooze.

Catching a few z’s.

Or a wee lie down.

Call it what you will, the delights to be found in a casual afternoon sleep are (in my opinion) boundless.  Curled up on the bed with the fan slowly spinning above to dissipate some of the early summer heat, while someone somewhere but not too close, mows his lawn and above all, knowing I don’t have anything I need to be doing except this…. is absolutely fan-bloody-tastic!  What’s more, as I lay there I reminded myself this was good for me.  It was my recovery.  Sweet hey?

Oh yeah, looks like someone else was trying to muscle in on my action.  😉


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