Just turn up, do the warm up and see how you go…

I had a great workout this afternoon.  I performed strongly on all sets and felt ‘right in the head’.  I’m not even sure anything has physically changed since doing this exact same workout last week but it sure felt better.  In my head.  And that’s where it counts.

Tony and I both believe that the mind exerts a far greater influence on our performance, success and lives generally than perhaps it’s given credit for.

Part of my work is helping clients decipher their mixed brain messages in terms of leadership, management or communication and Tony’s is absolutely in helping clients develop healthier mindsets and beliefs to support physical and mental health and fitness.  So it’s probably no surprise that I enjoy our conversations about how my mind might be helping, or more likely, getting in the way of my exercise goals.  What is somewhat surprising is that for someone who works in this space, how often I get it wrong.  I guess it’s lucky I have Tony there to help me work through it.  🙂

Anyway, I was reflecting with Tony today on my training performance.  Well training compliance really.  As mentioned I tend to over-think things, perhaps you’re the same?

This over-thinking can sometimes really get in the way of the actual doing.  You may have heard the term ‘analysis-paralysis’, when the repeated and ongoing analysis of risks, approaches, costs, benefits etc completely stops you in your tracks.

I do that.

My positive spin on this today is that at least I’m aware of it and can therefore choose to do something about it.   Which I choose by the way.

With respect to my training one of the things I love about being trained or coached is what I call  ‘The Letting Go’.   I let go of how many reps do I do, what weight will I lift, what speed do I set on the treadmill and instead I just do what I’m told (and that’s pretty much always more than I’d do on my own).  In the studio, if Tony says, one more rep I’ll attempt one more rep.  Doesn’t mean I’ll actually manage to lift it, but I try.  Apparently not everyone is like that, which I found surprising.  So anyway, given my predilection for handing over the reins to someone else, it seems a bit inconsistent when I start to negotiate and haggle with myself over my independent sessions, like the 5km run on Saturday.  Tony and I agreed that my pre-run injury concerns were most likely my brain ‘rationalising’ the desire to simply not go to the session.  Any future injury concerns like that I’ve decided to test with “Just turn up, do the warm up and see how you go”.  Given that my Saturday morning niggle did loosen up and dissipate suggests that it probably was mostly in my head.

Training Tip:  Don’t over think it.  Just turn up, do the warm up and see how it goes.


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