What to do after falling off the horse?

The answer to the above question is simple.  Get back on it.

I had a great weekend and a short break from training.  If you’ve been reading this then you’ll probably know I had a long weekend away and that it was going to present a challenge to my training regime.  While it was actually meant to be a bit of a rest weekend it turned out that it was almost a complete write off.  The barriers I anticipated were certainly present but what was unexpected was that my resolve to overcome them was less than expected….  and less than required as it turns out.

While the exercise was non existent (apart from some diving I did on Friday and beach football on Sat) I did manage to eat reasonably well.  Good food, lovingly prepared although slightly larger portions than really required.  My saving grace is probably that I didn’t consume a whole lot of booze.  Funnily enough, we just didn’t feel like it.  So what to make of all this…

One thing Tony has taught me over the years is not to dwell on the ‘failures’ or setbacks.  But rather, to process them, learn from them and ultimately grow stronger from them. In that regard the commitment I made was to get straight back onto the horse.  So this means I was back ‘on-plan’ today.  I ate well and am about to head to the gym and do my workout before dinner.

Setbacks are a natural part of most of our journey to improved health and fitness and of course there will always be the events and special occasions when we don’t eat as well as we should or do the right amount of exercise.  Think Christmas looming large on the radar.

So my Training Tip for those of you who find yourself falling off the wagon from time to time is this.

  • Reflect – “What could I do differently next time?”
  • Act – “Get back into your routine ASAP.”

My personal reflection on the weekend is that I did two things wrong.

  1. I never completely committed to the activity and so didn’t set up the things I needed to do it.
  2. I also over-estimated my ability to overcome the barriers and was under-prepared.

I’ll do better next time.


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