Your body goes where your mind leads

There is a real connection between your brain and your body and leveraging this is the key to success in most endeavours I can think of.

This is something I’ve learned through my work and studies of positive psychology and is something Tony is pretty fond of too.  The theory is simple.  What you think influences what you do.

Think a session is going to suck and it doesn’t matter if you do it today, chances are you’ll find it difficult to go.  Think you can’t lift another rep, you’ll probably be right.  Think to yourself, “I’ll give it a go” and you may be surprised at what happens.  Now I’ve had some experience in applying this method in various aspects of my life but today I had a breakthrough in an area that I’ve been less than successful in managing in the past.

I’m self employed and my work tends to come in waves.  Really busy, followed by the sound of crickets and then really busy again.  Funnily enough its when I’m quiet that I find it difficult to get into a rhythm and often struggle to complete my training sessions or stick to any kind of routine.

Weird huh?

It seems when I have all day to do something I put it off and put it off.  Then have to juggle things at the end of the day to get it in.  Well today was not much different.  Except for one key feature.  My mental game was better.

I knew I was procrastinating and managed to apply some self-talk to get around it.  I visualised why I was committing to a training program, I reflected on how I felt soft and out of condition this past weekend at Straddie, and I reminded myself;

a) how much I enjoyed the session and

b) how bad I would feel if I missed it.

And what do you know???  I went and did one of my strongest strength sessions thus far.

Nice one Sean.  🙂

Training Tip.  

Use positive visualisation to remind yourself why you’re training in the first place.  It’s how you deal with each doubt, barrier and excuse that will make the difference in the end, don’t be tempted to ‘just let this one slide’.


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