If it’s meant to be heavy, it’ll feel…. heavy.

Ha ha.  Sounds like a pretty straight-forward point of view right?

Well, that little gem awaited me this morning when I was doing some heavy sets with Tony.

It’s true though.  I was struggling under the weight and sort of (but not really) complaining about it in the rest between.  “Well mate, it’s meant to be heavy”  he says.  “If it wasn’t you’d just add more weight to it, wouldn’t you?” Tony adds wearing with a quizzical look on his face.

“Well yeah…. I s’pose so” I say, realising the trap I was falling into (you can see it coming can’t you?).

Anyway, the message was clear.  Expect this next set to be heavy.  It’s supposed to be.  You want it to be.  You’d be upset if it wasn’t.  You see the thing about heavy… it’s hard to lift.  So expect it to be hard. I did and it made a massive difference,I reckon I managed another 2 reps and more importantly didn’t ‘panic’ under the load.  I’d heard something similar before about lifting heavy weights off the floor.  “Don’t expect it to move quickly, it’s not meant to.  It’s heavy.”  It’s funny isn’t it how sometimes you need to hear something several times before it sinks in.  I think I’ve got this one sorted… at least for now.

Training Tip:  If a session is meant to be a hard one, don’t be surprised if it feels hard.  


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