Holy Crappola!!!

I’m going to tell this story in a reverse chronological way and it’s not going to be long because I AM EXHAUSTED.  Thanks Tony.  Thanks hills.  Thanks MTB.  Thanks hot sun.  And I guess thanks silly push your limits ego.

Fri: 8:52pm – legs sore, face stinging, body feels too hot.  Somewhat satisfied.

Fri: 5:30pm – complete body fatigue, aches everywhere, really thirsty and still really, really hot.

Fri: 4:25pm – large shaker of cold water, protein powder and glucose.  (God it feels good going down, cool, refreshing and energy giving)

Fri: 4:20pm – elated.  Dirty, sweaty, home.

Fri: 2:05pm – gassed already and shitting myself about what’s yet in store on my “easy ride”.

Fri: 2:00pm – on my way, nervous, but committed.

Friday 6:50am – tried to find excuse not to go for pre-arranged MTB (mountain bike) ride this afternoon. with Tony.  Excuse shot down.

Friday 6:45am – turned up to a dynamic legs session with Tony.  Great session but our pre-arranged MTB ride in the arvo was weighing on my mind.

Thursday night 11:59pm – laying awake worrying about this ‘easy ride’ Tony had planned for me.  Thinking really negatively.  It’ll hurt.  It’s going to be hard.  I’m going to suffer.  I’ll ruin it for Tony (much faster rider than me). How do I get out of it.  Too much cardio in a row.  Yadda, yadda, yadda.

*Fast forward again…..Friday Present Moment.

Well as it turned out the ride was hard and not easy.  Well hard for me.  I did however manage to complete it.  I feel good that I did it and know that I would’ve felt awful if I didn’t do it.  I do have some work to do over the weekend now that I deferred in order to go for a ride, but that doesn’t seem so bad now.  I am really fatigued, but I’ve eaten well, I am going to bed early and I know that I’ll recover just that little bit stronger as a result.  Oh yeah, and because it was a double session day I’ve been burning fat like a trooper.  I can almost feel it melting off.  Well, that might be a little…. optimistic, but it will be coming off.

Training Tip:  Try to focus on the enjoyment of the activity, don’t worry too much about the challenges or the outcomes.  They’ll come if you keep at it.


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