Stay in the moment

Tony and I were chatting when we were on our ride (in some of the easier recovery periods anyway!).  One of the things we discussed was the ‘fear’ or anxiety I experienced in anticipating this ride.  I think I may have mentioned this in this blog before or if not, it’s something I’m intimately familiar with about myself.  When setting goals I struggle with the fact that at any point preceding actually achieving the goal, I’m not actually there yet.

This can tend to deflate me.

Let’s say the goal was to run 5km in 20 mins.  Any run that is over that target time is therefore a failure.  I know, I know… before you jump on me, I know it’s not really a failure.  I’m working on this.  I try to focus on incremental improvement, or even just on putting in a good effort.

Anyway, Tony knows this about me too and suggested that perhaps I was doing that with the bike ride too.  Thinking too much about, anticipating the pain, thinking about the hills, remembering that I used to be fitter etc etc.

What was transpiring was that I was too focused on either the past or the future and was missing the blindingly obvious.  I was free to go for a bike ride in the forest on a Friday afternoon with a good friend.  I was not enjoying the present moment!

My objective for the coming week is to just turn up to sessions.  To not think about goals, PB’s, effort or anything.  I’m going to focus on the process and trust that the results will follow.  Now who says a personal trainer is just someone who counts reps…  Thanks Tony.

Training Tip:  Enjoy the moment.


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