Not much to report… and that’s a good thing.

Hey there.  How’s it going for you?  Are you training well?  Managing to avoid the of the pre-Chrismas temptations?  It’s a tough time of year for most exercise programs.  I know Kirt and I fall into the same trap every year.  We train hard and eat well in the lead up to our (usually at the beach) holiday and then when the time for a bit of a break rolls around we completely drop the ball.  Now this is nice for the first couple of days but the lag effect starts to kick in, and we start to feel a little unwell.  Usually overfull, probably a little hung-over and definitely lethargic, meaning we’re not inclined to do any exercise whatsoever.  Even if it was just moderate, like a walk.  I think we’re going to have to try something a little different this year.  And given that we’re not really taking a Christmas break and instead going overseas in February it might not be so difficult.  I’ll have a talk to tony about this and get back to you.

This Week:  Well, so far, so good.  Food and exercise have both been good this week.  In fact, today’s 2 on 1 session with Kirt almost felt easy.  Don’t tell Tony I said that will you?  It’d be like a red rag to a bull I reckon and then Kirt would get mad at me for ‘poking the bear’.   When things ‘click’ it’s kinda invisible as opposed to the the cacaopohny in my head when I’m struggling to make ‘good’ choices.  It’s a nice change.

Ok, I’m off for now.  Looking forward to an early morning interval session so need to make sure I’m rested.

Training Tip:  Do a little forward planning for upcoming events like Christmas lunches and holidays.


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