Results and Pics


Hi all,

I’m back a day early from my escape to the coast.  Pretty ordinary weather, although Buddy and I did get some great beach time.  Gee the coastal region of Northern NSW is spectacular.  I really must move down there before too long.

I was also isolated from virtually every form of electronic entertainment except my iPod so no blog updates were possible.

Here’s the results and latest pics from my measure and weigh-in on Wed.

Skin Folds

Mon 03 Oct

Wed 02 Nov

Wed 30 Nov

Wed 21 Dec































Midax (males)






















This first table shows the skin-fold measurements at each of the weigh-ins.  There’s quite a  bit of variation as to where I carry body fat and how quickly (or if at all) it comes off.


Mon 03 Oct

Wed 02 Nov

Wed 30 Nov

Wed 21 Dec






This next one shows my total weight fluctuations over the past couple of months.  As you can see it hasn’t moved much.  This is good.  I like being a little heavier than when I was doing the triathlon training but I didn’t want that weight to come at the cost of being fat.  The skin-folds going down indicate that my body composition is/has changed in the right direction.  Less fat, same weight = more lean muscle mass.  Yay!!

Here’s the pics:


Woo hoo!! Results are in and are better than expected

Right.  Just a brief note that my dreaded weigh-in didn’t go so bad.  In fact, it went pretty well.  I didn’t smash my targets but I certainly met them and even bettered them a teeny weeny bit.  The target was to drop another 10mm in skin folds (roughly 2kg of body fat) and drop 1kg of weight.  I’ll send through the actual results and current pics once I have them but just wanted to share my win with you.

An another note.  Here’s something I stumble over.  Remember how I was lamenting the fact that I chose to focus on a negative (and ultimately made up) fact from a workout where I actually did two PB’s?  Well, I was thinking about why I consistently do that.  I mean I know that focusing on the positive is much healthier all round and is more likely to lead to the results I want.  I pondered as to whether the focus to improve oneself naturally lends itself to focusing on the bit that needs improving….  I didn’t get all of Tony’s thoughts on this as we were against the clock but his initial response was ‘no’.  I reckon it’d be more common than less common.  What do you think?  Where do you choose to focus?

I really want to shift this aspect of my psyche, as I can see how detrimental it is.  I think trying to understand it’s source may be useful in conquering it.

Training Tip:  Not sure.  How about you share one with me?

Measuring Day is here again. @#$!

Ok.  This morning.  Probably well and truly by the time you read this.  I got measured and weighed again.  I can’t tell you my results as I’m writing this (even though I’ll know them by the time you read this).  I can tell you I’m nervous.  I’m nervous for two reasons.  1) I think my early wins were easy wins and that the weight is going to be slower to come off now.  Incidentally, when I say ‘weight’ I’m really meaning fat.  And 2), I’m nervous because I know I haven’t been super strict on food.  There were a couple of celebratory days after I got my last results, then it’s been about 2 weeks and Tony says I’m getting measured next week, about 8 days away at the time.  Then realising I’d probably missed out on hitting another solid fat losing month probably relaxed a little.  It didn’t help that it included the lead up week to me going on holidays.  So it was a gradual slowing down at work, surrounded by a gradual increase in the number of social opportunities at this time of the year.

So.  I’m not going to freak out and get down on myself if my results aren’t spectacular.  Hopefully they’ll be in the right direction and that’s what really counts.  Crap.  Hope I haven’t just jinxed myself…

Training Tip:  try to focus any interim results on the bigger picture.  What are you trying to achieve and how can this result help you to do that?

Double Day… done and dusted

Wow!  Monday was a big training day for me.  I had 2 on 1 in the morning (Tabata this pal) with Kirt and then PT again in the afternoon with Tony and I.  This isn’t normal, but we’re trying to get all my sessions in before I head to Ballina tomorrow.  It was tough backing up again in the afternoon but there was a 10 hr break in-between so I was actually in pretty good shape.

I noticed one of my old bad habits creeping in though [is it really old if you’ve never really stopped doing it?].  I was doing a new workout with Tony and setting some new benchmarks for the new exercises.  I fell into the comparison trap again.  Damn, why does that keep tripping me up!!  I was comparing my weights and reps on these (new) exercises with older (previous program) but similar exercises.  When I didn’t perform as I did on the older yet similar exercise then I was disappointed.  Despite several other contrary pieces of evidence that suggested quite clearly that in fact this was a PB day.  What a wanker.  Why would I choose to believe the scenario that a) upon comparison, one exercise was not identical to the former exercise and PLUS I had done other exercises that had fatigued the muscles used in today’s exercise I was doing.  So it was not an equal comparison and therefore I could not logically draw the conclusion that ‘today I was doing less well than on previous days’.  And b) that in fact I had set new personal best’s (PB’s) on both the Seated Lat Pull and my one rep max on flat bench.

Went home and thought about this.  A lot.  Conclusion….

You take your eye off the ball and entrenched habits return with interest, or so it seems.   Now don’t you worry, I’ve got my eye back on the ball.  Incidentally, have made some sound life decisions regarding work, lifestyle and location that both feel right but can start to happen over the next 12 months or so.  Just have to be patient and wait for the right catalyst.

Training Tip:  if you take your eye of the ball, be prepared to either drop it or wear it in the face.


What’s your plan?

Christmas is well and truly upon us once more.  Traditionally a time of relaxation, indulgence and festivities it can be a challenging period for us ‘dieter’s and exercisers’.  I suspect this is where many of the ‘two steps back’ occurs for would be athletes.  I know it’s tripped Kirt and I up many times.  Usually in a planned way, but we tend to over-achieve and set ourselves back months instead of the planned days or weeks.  I was just looking at the calendar and next week has the two biggies in it for over indulgence.  Christmas day and New Years Eve.  I was thinking that if I allowed myself two cheat days in the one week, I wouldn’t stray too far from the plan AND wouldn’t have to miss out on the yummy food.  Nor feel guilty about it.   I like it.  I’ve also got a plan to continue with the exercise up to and around those dates to once again minimise the damage.  I’m not looking for world class sessions but applying the lesson Kirt taught me this morning.  Just turn up.

Now, if you’re planning a break from your exercise regime, good on you.  We all need to take breaks.  My advice, set a ‘getting back into it’ date in advance and work towards achieving it.  Enlist a friend perhaps?  The sooner you get back on the wagon, the less detrimental impact will your downtime have.  Plus you’ll maintain the good momentum you’ve built this year.

Well, thats the plan anyhow.  This week at Ballina will be a good test of my own discipline.

Option 1 – stick to plan

Option 2 – spend 3 days lying on beach doing bugger all!!!

Geez, I think option 2 is sounding more tempting already….. argh!!!

Training Tip:  plan your blowouts so you can manage them and best of all, enjoy them guilt free.

TABATA this pal!!

Wow.  It’s taken me a little while to be able to write this.  Kirt and I had our 2 on 1 session this morning.  It’s normally Tue and I think I like Tue better.  I felt a little sluggish and stiff this morning.  Perhaps by Tues I’ve managed to loosen up a little???

Anyway, credit goes to Kirt this morning.  She opted to go along despite previously choosing not to go and even getting back into bed, and being a little hung over after a 3 nights out of 4 weekend including a Sunday arvo sess with her girlfriends.

Well she didn’t just turn up.  She smashed it.  The format was Tabata style again (20 on 10 off for 32 sets of 4 exercises.  Tough little workout this one.  It’s quite challenging mentally, especially when you’ve got 8 sets (20 secs each) of one exercise.  You really need to go flat out but there’s the rub.  The harder you go in the early sets, the harder it gets in the latter sets.  Which apparently is what you want, but if you’ve ever been at your limit you know it’s pretty… well, pretty tough.  So the mental challenge is to pace yourself in order to ‘get through’ all the sets.  If that’s you (it’s me) then don’t.  It’s a short intense workout and it’s supposed to be tough.

Kirt did really well, beating me on all but the most strength orientated exercises (which was one or two out of the whole lot).  So much for hangovers causing poor performance.  Perhaps it was the motivation Tony provided by suggesting she now could burn off her weekends indulgence.

Gotta pay the piper hey babe?  Great workout, love ya.

Training Tip:  find people who are stronger, fitter, healthier than you and surround yourself with them.  You will only improve as a result.  

ps.  Don’t compare but rather aspire.

Technical Fail.

Had a bit of a technical fail on the weekend.

I was presented with a choice.

On one hand I  had an opportunity to go out on Saturday night to a friends work Christmas party.  It was potentially going to be a big night out.  All the usual suspects, nothing to do on Sunday and a lazy week following it.  On the other hand Tony had invited me to go MTB riding on Sunday morning.  Now I don’t know about you but an early morning exercise session does not lend itself to a late, boozy night beforehand.  I really struggled with this decision.  I really wanted to go out, but could see where it led.  And while I really wanted to ride on Sunday, I didn’t want to rule out going out.

Anyway, I made my decision.  I washed the car, thought about going out, moped about the fact that I probably wouldn’t go out and perhaps my life really is over and decided to commit to the ride.


Good decision, well made I reckon.

My reasoning at the time being that come Feb when I wanted to be in great shape, I wouldn’t really remember one night out, but I would benefit from the consistent application of training and healthy food.  Plus, there were going to be several other opportunities over the Christmas period for a knee’s up.

So I set my alarm for 5:45am (on Sunday), stayed home, watched some DVD’s and had an early night.  All good preparation for my ride in the morning.  I was woken on Sunday, not by the tones of my alarm clock but by my wife sleepily asking “Aren’t you meant to be riding?”

FAAARRKK!!  My phone had run flat over night and I slept in.  This meant that I’d pretty much completely missed my ride window PLUS my riding mates would’ve been trying to contact me (to no avail) to see where I was, was I running late, am I ok?

To Tony and those with him on Sunday morning.  I’m so very sorry, a complete accident and I hope you still had a great ride.

To the late Steve Jobs.  Perhaps you can make a more audible alarm that sounds when a phone is running flat.

To me.  Charge the phone you idiot.

Training Tip:  make sure your electronic gizmo’s get the electricity they need.