“Sean… I think you should celebrate”

How sweet was this.  I had managed to deliver really good results this past month and Tony suggested that I do something to celebrate.  I could have a cheat meal off the plan without guilt, or take myself to the movies and even have the pop-corn.

I decided to eat a healthy dinner and Kirt, Buddy and I went out for ice-cream.  It was probably some of the most enjoyable ice-cream I’ve had in awhile.  Not because I’d been starved of it but because I’d earned it.

I love being able to celebrate achievements.  It’s important to do this or else they all seem to blur into one another.  Basking in the satisfaction of a task well done, or a goal achieved is really the whole point.  Yeah sure, there are outcomes too.  But that warm glow of pride and satisfaction.  Things can’t give you that.  That comes from within and it’s richer and more enjoyable than all of those extrinsic things.  I tell you what, it’s really helped to reinforce the positive behaviours and gives me something to look forward to next month.

Training Tip:  If you set training goals, make sure you attach some rewards and be sure to revel in the moment.  They’re rare and truly gratifying.


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