Still Riding High

After getting such excellent results last week I’m still riding high but I’ve got to be careful I don’t take my finger off the button (so to speak).  I know it’s easy to rest on your laurels and I know that doing that is dangerous and will likely lead to the the 2 steps forward, 1 step backward syndrome.  Not what I want to be doing with my Fab@40 Deadline looming large.  And, we’ve got Christmas just around the corner and that’s a time of too much food, too much booze and not enough exercise.  Well traditionally anyway.  I think I mentioned I was going to try something different this year but I know the temptations are well, tempting.  And numerous.

A friend of mine, who has long struggled to lose weight, asked me on the weekend why he couldn’t seem to do it.  He’s determined.  Stubborn.  Disciplined and trains hard… when he trains.   He figures he’s got the ingredients for weight loss success and yet it still eludes him.  I felt his pain and frustration.  My observation and based on my personal experience is that it’s in the margins where you find success.  There’s no point eating well only 80% of the time.  That 20% (I’m guestimating these numbers) will undo all that good work.  When I told him I have only one food cheat day each week he asked if thats what I really did.  Well yeah, if I want to lose weight, that’s what I’ve gotta do.  I’ve found that you’ve also got to keep the ball rolling for a prolonged period of time.  I reckon at least 3 or 4 weeks before things start to happen in a meaningful way.  He tends to do a 2 week on, then 2 week off sort of cycle.  So that really means that half the time he’s not eating right or training properly.  If it was 3 on and 1 off, that’s still a quarter of the time that you’re not doing yourself any favours.  I’m having 3 cheat meals out of 21.  That’s 6 sevenths of the time being compliant (I’m not sure what percentage that is but you can probably work it out).

Anyway.  if weight loss is your goal get a plan and STICK TO IT.  It’s simple but as we all know, simple does not mean easy.  It requires determination and persistence and consistency.  Know, I’ve got to work on my consistency so I don’t undo the nice gains I’ve made over the past 8 weeks.

Training Tip:  Have a food plan and stick to it.  Don’t try to wing it.  Get professional help.


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