Man or machine??

The studio where I’ve been doing my personal training, Zenergy, held their annual Christmas party celebrations on the weekend.

It’s always a fun morning that usually involves a group training session, some yummy food and then the ultimate client revenge… a ‘train the trainer’ session.  This is an opportunity for the clients (me) to exact some revenge on our trainers for the tough sessions they put us through.  It’s usually a good laugh and it’s nice to see them working instead of you for a change.

This year was no different.

Tony always attracts a fair degree of revenge from his clients, probably because;

a) he really smashes each and every one of us, and

b) I think he kinda likes it.  He certainly complies with some of the most strenuous, often undoable and sometimes downright dangerous of activities with a smile on his face and an “I’ll give it a go” attitude.

Actually it’s amazing how often he pulls it off.  Like walking lunges in high heels (to better understand the plight of his female clientele) while carrying his wife on his back (to better understand what the exercise feels like for some of his heavier clients).  Or burpees while carrying 40kg in a backpack and wearing a ski jacket!!  Crazy.

I’ve known Tony for a number of years now and I could list numerous examples of how he puts his theory into practice.  He always leads by example and I’ve yet to meet someone with the mental game he possesses.  So it’s understandable if I sometimes question whether he’s really a person, or perhaps some sort of machine.  I did suggest to his wife that he was a nutter mid train the trainer on Saturday and I’m not sure she disagreed with me (or at least not completely).  It was kinda funny though to observe how the balance of power shifted immediately after the session with the simple words “Gee, that’s given me some great ideas for next week” from Tony.  I think some people may have started to regret the pounding the just dished out.

Tony and his team went to the coast to celebrate the end of another year and had a few drinks planned.  Nice.  He’s starting to seem normal.  Today he was telling me that they ended up staying out quite late on the Saturday night.  In fact really late.  And he drank quite a bit.  Perhaps even a lot.  “Sweet!” I thought to myself.  “He’s definitely human.”  I liked it.  In fact he even admitted to be worried about still being over the limit when he was supposed to drive home later that day after only a few hours sleep.  “Wow, he really tied one on!” I was thinking, perhaps even a bit smugly if I’m completely honest.

“So I decided to go for a run along the beach” he says.


“Nope.  Definitely not normal, must be a machine” I say to myself, now convinced.

Oh well.  At least I know it’s ‘technically’ possible to still go for a run after too many drinks and too little sleep.  Technically…

Nice work Tony, you’re a nutter.  Very inspirational.  But a nutter.  Thanks for being you mate.


Training Tip:  find someone you can look up to who inspires you to be your absolute best and is prepared to walk the talk.


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