Gotta be flexible

You know that I’ve spoken about the value of having a plan and sticking to it as best you can.  It’s true, when I try to freestyle my training week I not only get less in, train with less intensity but I sow the seeds of doubt about the efficacy of my training.  That is “will this get me some results or am I wasting my time?”.

Well tonight I discovered that while a plan is useful, it’s also good to be flexible.

The gym I go to was incredibly busy tonight, it was definitely peak hour.  Suffice to say it was near impossible to access any of the equipment I needed let alone in the order I needed it.

On previous occasions I might have turned around and gone home.   Tonight however I decided to be flexible figuring it would matter less if I did a different workout than it would if I did no workout.  And, given the day I’d had, I knew I needed to blow off some steam.

I started off on the treadmill.  There’s still no substitute for a hard run to shift your mental attitude and I needed an adjustment.  I decided I would run 2km’s, just a warm up.  The first km took 6mins.  I used to run a pretty consistent 4min/km (over 5kms) at my running peak so I was waaaay off the pace.  As I got into a rhythm I noticed I was loosening up nicely and not out of breath.

“Right!” I decided, “I’m going to finish this in 10mins”.

Meaning an average of 5min/km’s and a second km of 4 mins.

I kept an eye on the elapsed time and distance and adjusted the pace accordingly.  I managed to get over the line in 10:03.  Pretty close.  Ok, for those of you runners out there I know 4min/km on the treadmill is not the same as on the road but I’ve not run at that pace, over any distance on any surface for at least 12 months, probably more like 15.

The warm up done I was feeling better already.  I headed into the crowded weights room and got stuck in.  I needed to substitute several exercises but still managed to get in a good session and work the muscle groups that were on the plan.


I guess this flexibility can be applied in a number of situations, not just a crowded gym.  Some that come to mind I may need to apply are:

  • When traveling for work
  • On holidays
  • When working a lot
  • When hungover (see previous post)
  • You’ll have your own, perhaps when looking after the kids (Jaq) or when they’re sick.

Training Tip:  sometimes you need to be flexible in order to hit your goals.

How flexible?  Well, probably not this flexible.


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