What will make you feel better at the end of the day?

Interesting question this.

Tony and I were chatting about his beach run on Sunday morning all hung over.  His rationale was that he knew he was going to feel lousy all day but wanted to make sure he had something he could feel good about.

I like that.

I’ve had hangovers before too and my approach is somewhat different.  I remove the barriers to having the hangover.  I shut the curtains, turn off the phone, turn on the air-conditioner and snuggle up in front of some DVD’s and probably scurry out in the late afternoon for a hamburger.  I try to avoid the lose/lose scenario wherein I lose out by being hungover and lose again by beating myself up for it.  I thought I was being clever by removing the self flagellation component.  Tony introduced the concept that I could still tack on something that I felt good about.  In his case, going for a short run.

I committed to trying some exercise next time I’m hungover.  Not a massive rip-roaring hangover like the kind you saw in the movie but maybe the had half a dozen drinks and went to bed sometime near midnight.

That’d normally kill any next day activity for me.  I’ll let you know how I go.  I think there might be some opportunities to test this over the Christmas break.


Training Tip:  What do you need to do today to feel good about yourself before you go to bed?


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