Don’t poke the bear.

This is a reasonable warning sign when read in the right context, for example when posted next to an angry bear for instance.  My wife and I use it to playfully ‘remind’ the other person that they’re being a bit prickly (bear like).  What happens next usually depends on just how ‘bear-like’ said other person is feeling.  But mostly, it’s a light-hearted reminder that they’re being grumpy.  Or an acknowledgement that something’s bugging them.  That’s good too.  Sometimes when something’s gone wrong, I don’t want to be told “think positive”, I would rather the empathy of “Oooh, yeah you’re right.  That is shit.”.  Then the positive reframe can come later.

Anyway, I digress.  The reason I titled this post “Don’t poke the bear” is because Kirt and I did just that.  Well, I think it was mostly me… but I’m sure she did some too.  The bear in this example is Tony.  Not because he was being grumpy. Just because in the context I’m about to explain, he has bearlike teeth.

Kirt and I have both been getting stronger and fitter through our 2 on 1 sessions (highlight of the week for me usually, despite not wanting to get out of bed at 6am on a Tue morning) and were both feeling good (or perhaps cocky is a better description) in hindsight.

Tony texts us on Monday to gee us up for our session the next morning and was telling me that ‘Kirt wanted to go harder on Tues.’  I knew he was fibbing but was feeling good (cocky) and said something along the lines of “Well, that’s right Tony.  We we’re talking and thought that perhaps you were a little off your game given the easy workouts we were getting and if you hadn’t brought it up we were going to speak with you.”  Delivered very deadpan by yours truly.

“Oh, ok.  I can up the intensity tomorrow for you if you like?” comes the glib reply from Tony with an evil glint in corner of eye (I may have imagined the evil glint).

Well tomorrow did arrive.  So much for the old and now proven defunct saying “Tomorrow never comes”.   Tomorrow in this case was Tues, 6:30am for the most hideous smash-fest we’ve yet encountered.  Three exercises.  Count down up from 1 reps to 10.  So 1 on the first exercise, 1 on the second, 1 on the third, back to the first and then 2 reps on each exercise and so on till you get to 10. Then die.  This is a sucky way of doing this too because the sets get harder (more reps) PLUS you’re getting more fatigued.  Mean Tony, mean.

Target: under 10 mins.  Actual, not sure but more like 12 mins for me.

“10 minutes aint so bad” I can hear you thinking.  Bollocks!  That was a tough 10 minutes.  You could put a million dollars up for grabs on this and I’m not sure I’d have been able to crack the sub 10 mins.   And plus, we weren’t done.

We got to do it all in reverse, 10 down to 1, and had to try and beat our first time.  At least the sets were getting shorter (and theoretically easier) but it damn near killed me.

I’ve been soooo sore all day today as a result and was flogged all day yesterday.  Oh, and plus it seemed to get hot again yesterday…  go figure.

Training Tip:  don’t poke the bear (UNLESS YOU WANT TO GET BIT)



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