Look up and plan ahead or don’t and run smack into the wall

I’m going away next week.  I head down to Ballina with Buddy for 3 nights camping at a dog friendly campground.  I can’t wait.  I love the beach.  I love summer and I love getting away from it all.  It feels like I need a break and a bit of down time.  Now I’m going away in February to celebrate (commiserate) my 40th birthday.  10 days skiing in Utah and 5 nights in NYC!!  So, with that looming we’re watching our pennies and saving our leave.  So it’s going to be a quiet Christmas with not much of a break.  I think I was mentioning that would be good for training consistency, not having a big break and undoing all our good work thus far.  Having said that, a 3 day break, leading into the Christmas period could still easily blow out to a 10 or 12 day hiatus (from good eating and training).

So, looking ahead I need to make some plans.  I’ve managed to get my PT sessions booked in early next week so I won’t miss any of them and I’ve been writing down some short ‘conditioning’ style workouts that I can do on my own with no real equipment.  I’ve also got a great big beach, loads of walking options and you can do push ups, sit ups and stretching anywhere.

So this is my plan.

Train WED am with Tony.  Drive to Ballina.

Thurs AM, long beach walk, perhaps jog with some stretching on a deserted part of said beach.

Thurs PM, if feeling like it, an easy jog.

Fri AM, long beach walk, perhaps jog with some more stretching (so long as I didn’t sandpaper my butt off the previous day).

Sat AM – getting ready to come home.  Short tabata style workout (20 sec’s on 10 sec’s off) 4 exercises, 8 sets of each (32 sets total).  Push ups, sit ups, burpees and squats.

Drive home.  Pig out on Christmas day.

Food while away.  Simple, easy to prepare, nutritious.  Perhaps I’ll make a casserole or stew before I go away and just reheat it.  Breakfast will be eggs or cereal, lunch and snacks as per normal or maybe I’ll have chicken and coleslaw bread buns as a little treat.  I do like them.

So.  There’s my plan.  Let’s see how I go sticking to it.  I’ll be on my own so it’s not likely I’ll end up getting pissed on any evening so that I can’t train in the morning so I’m optimistically confident.

Training Tip:  Simple, plan ahead.


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