Soooooper Saturday!!

Whew!  It’s been an interesting week.  One full of up’s and downs and turn me arounds.  I’ve been looking forward to winding down for Christmas for a while now.  It’s not that I’ve been that busy at work, that tends to come in fit’s and spurts, it’s more about a time-out from thinking I need.  Thinking about good food, healthy exercise choices, the right business decision, what to do with the house, where might I live and the kicker, what am I going to do with my life?  Friday was the first day I had with no client appointments.  Or so I thought.  What started out as a pretty manageable day with a couple of training sessions thrown in for good measure, ended up being a really busy day catching up with clients from all over the shop.  It was good.  I need to do more of that.  It’s good for business and working on my own, it’s important to connect with people.

Speak of which.  I ran with a friend on Friday morning.  Not a super fast or long run but he and I used to train together a lot.  And I’d missed it.  I’d been putting it off thinking he was in better shape, way faster and it’d just suck.  As it turned out that wasn’t the case at all.  We were pretty evenly matched if out of condition.  Seem’s he’d not been benefiting from the lack of company whilst training either.  And we’re both keen to improve.  Great way to catch up with busy friends too.  Double up, do the catch up and grab some k’s at the same time.  Perfect!  Well, we’re booked to do an interval session together next Tues.  That should be fun.  I LIKE those sessions.  I just don’t like being the least fit at them.  At least this way I’m the equal least fit and if you want to be really positive, the equal most fit seeing as it’s just us.  🙂  I like that.

Oh, yeah.  did a great workout on Saturday afternoon after a cracking night out on Friday.  That was a first for me.  Not that I was really hung-over but I was out till 2am on Sat morning so I’m pretty impressed with myself that I turned up and trained.  Was good fun too.  About 8 fella’s met at the Studio and did a nice ascending set, max weight for 5 reps style session on a number of different exercises.  Nice to have the camaraderie.  Hmmmm.   Are you noticing a theme here?

Training Tip:  It’s more fun training with a friend.


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