Technical Fail.

Had a bit of a technical fail on the weekend.

I was presented with a choice.

On one hand I  had an opportunity to go out on Saturday night to a friends work Christmas party.  It was potentially going to be a big night out.  All the usual suspects, nothing to do on Sunday and a lazy week following it.  On the other hand Tony had invited me to go MTB riding on Sunday morning.  Now I don’t know about you but an early morning exercise session does not lend itself to a late, boozy night beforehand.  I really struggled with this decision.  I really wanted to go out, but could see where it led.  And while I really wanted to ride on Sunday, I didn’t want to rule out going out.

Anyway, I made my decision.  I washed the car, thought about going out, moped about the fact that I probably wouldn’t go out and perhaps my life really is over and decided to commit to the ride.


Good decision, well made I reckon.

My reasoning at the time being that come Feb when I wanted to be in great shape, I wouldn’t really remember one night out, but I would benefit from the consistent application of training and healthy food.  Plus, there were going to be several other opportunities over the Christmas period for a knee’s up.

So I set my alarm for 5:45am (on Sunday), stayed home, watched some DVD’s and had an early night.  All good preparation for my ride in the morning.  I was woken on Sunday, not by the tones of my alarm clock but by my wife sleepily asking “Aren’t you meant to be riding?”

FAAARRKK!!  My phone had run flat over night and I slept in.  This meant that I’d pretty much completely missed my ride window PLUS my riding mates would’ve been trying to contact me (to no avail) to see where I was, was I running late, am I ok?

To Tony and those with him on Sunday morning.  I’m so very sorry, a complete accident and I hope you still had a great ride.

To the late Steve Jobs.  Perhaps you can make a more audible alarm that sounds when a phone is running flat.

To me.  Charge the phone you idiot.

Training Tip:  make sure your electronic gizmo’s get the electricity they need.


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