Double Day… done and dusted

Wow!  Monday was a big training day for me.  I had 2 on 1 in the morning (Tabata this pal) with Kirt and then PT again in the afternoon with Tony and I.  This isn’t normal, but we’re trying to get all my sessions in before I head to Ballina tomorrow.  It was tough backing up again in the afternoon but there was a 10 hr break in-between so I was actually in pretty good shape.

I noticed one of my old bad habits creeping in though [is it really old if you’ve never really stopped doing it?].  I was doing a new workout with Tony and setting some new benchmarks for the new exercises.  I fell into the comparison trap again.  Damn, why does that keep tripping me up!!  I was comparing my weights and reps on these (new) exercises with older (previous program) but similar exercises.  When I didn’t perform as I did on the older yet similar exercise then I was disappointed.  Despite several other contrary pieces of evidence that suggested quite clearly that in fact this was a PB day.  What a wanker.  Why would I choose to believe the scenario that a) upon comparison, one exercise was not identical to the former exercise and PLUS I had done other exercises that had fatigued the muscles used in today’s exercise I was doing.  So it was not an equal comparison and therefore I could not logically draw the conclusion that ‘today I was doing less well than on previous days’.  And b) that in fact I had set new personal best’s (PB’s) on both the Seated Lat Pull and my one rep max on flat bench.

Went home and thought about this.  A lot.  Conclusion….

You take your eye off the ball and entrenched habits return with interest, or so it seems.   Now don’t you worry, I’ve got my eye back on the ball.  Incidentally, have made some sound life decisions regarding work, lifestyle and location that both feel right but can start to happen over the next 12 months or so.  Just have to be patient and wait for the right catalyst.

Training Tip:  if you take your eye of the ball, be prepared to either drop it or wear it in the face.



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