TABATA this pal!!

Wow.  It’s taken me a little while to be able to write this.  Kirt and I had our 2 on 1 session this morning.  It’s normally Tue and I think I like Tue better.  I felt a little sluggish and stiff this morning.  Perhaps by Tues I’ve managed to loosen up a little???

Anyway, credit goes to Kirt this morning.  She opted to go along despite previously choosing not to go and even getting back into bed, and being a little hung over after a 3 nights out of 4 weekend including a Sunday arvo sess with her girlfriends.

Well she didn’t just turn up.  She smashed it.  The format was Tabata style again (20 on 10 off for 32 sets of 4 exercises.  Tough little workout this one.  It’s quite challenging mentally, especially when you’ve got 8 sets (20 secs each) of one exercise.  You really need to go flat out but there’s the rub.  The harder you go in the early sets, the harder it gets in the latter sets.  Which apparently is what you want, but if you’ve ever been at your limit you know it’s pretty… well, pretty tough.  So the mental challenge is to pace yourself in order to ‘get through’ all the sets.  If that’s you (it’s me) then don’t.  It’s a short intense workout and it’s supposed to be tough.

Kirt did really well, beating me on all but the most strength orientated exercises (which was one or two out of the whole lot).  So much for hangovers causing poor performance.  Perhaps it was the motivation Tony provided by suggesting she now could burn off her weekends indulgence.

Gotta pay the piper hey babe?  Great workout, love ya.

Training Tip:  find people who are stronger, fitter, healthier than you and surround yourself with them.  You will only improve as a result.  

ps.  Don’t compare but rather aspire.


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