What’s your plan?

Christmas is well and truly upon us once more.  Traditionally a time of relaxation, indulgence and festivities it can be a challenging period for us ‘dieter’s and exercisers’.  I suspect this is where many of the ‘two steps back’ occurs for would be athletes.  I know it’s tripped Kirt and I up many times.  Usually in a planned way, but we tend to over-achieve and set ourselves back months instead of the planned days or weeks.  I was just looking at the calendar and next week has the two biggies in it for over indulgence.  Christmas day and New Years Eve.  I was thinking that if I allowed myself two cheat days in the one week, I wouldn’t stray too far from the plan AND wouldn’t have to miss out on the yummy food.  Nor feel guilty about it.   I like it.  I’ve also got a plan to continue with the exercise up to and around those dates to once again minimise the damage.  I’m not looking for world class sessions but applying the lesson Kirt taught me this morning.  Just turn up.

Now, if you’re planning a break from your exercise regime, good on you.  We all need to take breaks.  My advice, set a ‘getting back into it’ date in advance and work towards achieving it.  Enlist a friend perhaps?  The sooner you get back on the wagon, the less detrimental impact will your downtime have.  Plus you’ll maintain the good momentum you’ve built this year.

Well, thats the plan anyhow.  This week at Ballina will be a good test of my own discipline.

Option 1 – stick to plan

Option 2 – spend 3 days lying on beach doing bugger all!!!

Geez, I think option 2 is sounding more tempting already….. argh!!!

Training Tip:  plan your blowouts so you can manage them and best of all, enjoy them guilt free.


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