Measuring Day is here again. @#$!

Ok.  This morning.  Probably well and truly by the time you read this.  I got measured and weighed again.  I can’t tell you my results as I’m writing this (even though I’ll know them by the time you read this).  I can tell you I’m nervous.  I’m nervous for two reasons.  1) I think my early wins were easy wins and that the weight is going to be slower to come off now.  Incidentally, when I say ‘weight’ I’m really meaning fat.  And 2), I’m nervous because I know I haven’t been super strict on food.  There were a couple of celebratory days after I got my last results, then it’s been about 2 weeks and Tony says I’m getting measured next week, about 8 days away at the time.  Then realising I’d probably missed out on hitting another solid fat losing month probably relaxed a little.  It didn’t help that it included the lead up week to me going on holidays.  So it was a gradual slowing down at work, surrounded by a gradual increase in the number of social opportunities at this time of the year.

So.  I’m not going to freak out and get down on myself if my results aren’t spectacular.  Hopefully they’ll be in the right direction and that’s what really counts.  Crap.  Hope I haven’t just jinxed myself…

Training Tip:  try to focus any interim results on the bigger picture.  What are you trying to achieve and how can this result help you to do that?


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