Woo hoo!! Results are in and are better than expected

Right.  Just a brief note that my dreaded weigh-in didn’t go so bad.  In fact, it went pretty well.  I didn’t smash my targets but I certainly met them and even bettered them a teeny weeny bit.  The target was to drop another 10mm in skin folds (roughly 2kg of body fat) and drop 1kg of weight.  I’ll send through the actual results and current pics once I have them but just wanted to share my win with you.

An another note.  Here’s something I stumble over.  Remember how I was lamenting the fact that I chose to focus on a negative (and ultimately made up) fact from a workout where I actually did two PB’s?  Well, I was thinking about why I consistently do that.  I mean I know that focusing on the positive is much healthier all round and is more likely to lead to the results I want.  I pondered as to whether the focus to improve oneself naturally lends itself to focusing on the bit that needs improving….  I didn’t get all of Tony’s thoughts on this as we were against the clock but his initial response was ‘no’.  I reckon it’d be more common than less common.  What do you think?  Where do you choose to focus?

I really want to shift this aspect of my psyche, as I can see how detrimental it is.  I think trying to understand it’s source may be useful in conquering it.

Training Tip:  Not sure.  How about you share one with me?


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