Welcome to 2012.

Hi there,

Sorry I seem to have disappeared since Christmas.  I usually head to the coast and this year was no different except I was actually out of mobile range.  Meaning no internet and therefore limited blogging.  I was thinking about you though and have a few things to share.

Relaxation:- I was again reminded how important it is to spend some time relaxing.  I see again and again people who slave themselves all year (in an unsustainable way) only to go on holiday and fall sick.  Things I find relaxing include hanging with friends, watching a movie or reading a book.  I also chalk walking the dog up as a stress management/relaxation activity.  What I want to work on this year is more meditation.  I dabbled in it in 2011 and think it has real potential to benefit me and my mindset/s.

Injury: – part of my current fitness goal is not to run this race in x time, or lift y weights or measure z many cm’s around the chest.  They’re pretty broad goals actually.  I’d like to maintain about 80- 84 kgs, while dropping body fat down to between 10 and 15%, and I’d like my fitness to be functional.  Not sure if that’s a technical term or a Sean-Made term but what I mean is that I need to be able to run along a beach, kick a football, have the occasional wrestle with mates, look good with a shirt off, get the lid of a jar, carry groceries (or eskies) up the stairs, jump on the bike and go for a ride without too much loss of face.  You know, basically my fitness needs to allow me to function effectively in the sort of lifestyle I want to lead and to keep up with those I’m associating with.  Now I’m sorta there already, so it’s then about tweaking those things a bit at a time to get gradually improvements.  A few extra chins ups, perhaps with some weight attached, focus on the bike for a month to get faster, chase some time off my 5km run, look a little better with my shirt off.  I was reminded of one aspect of functional fitness I’d overlooked.  Injury prevention.  Functional fitness is about doing all those things WITHOUT getting injured in the process.  So this will be key in my 2012 training program.  In fact it has been in 2011 but I’ve been sorta ignoring it.  A lotta the ‘rehab’ stuff I need to do for my shoulder (and whole body really) has not been given the priority it should’ve been and my aim is to improve this for 2012.

So you probably want to know how I was reminded of this don’t you?  Ok.  Well in the year in which I happen to turn 40, and which I’m incidentally having some trouble getting my head around, I decided to jump on a power-wing scooter.  Yes, this IS a kids toy.  Quite cool though.  Sorta feels like you’re drifting a car around a corner or something.  I had to bail off (out) of this thing in an unplanned and rather hasty manner as I was careening towards my car.  ‘click’  something let go in my lower back.  I didn’t even fall off.  I just stepped off to the side quickly and felt my back twinge.  You know with this things almost immediately that you’ve hurt something.  Suffice to say, that was the end of the scooter.  Shame because I was actually rocking it.  The injury as innocuous as it seems, actually ruined my NYE as I was in quite a bit of pain, mostly immobile and only comfortable lying down.  On the plus side, I did avoid a hangover.

New Sports:– 2012 is about trying some new things.  Kirt asked me the other day “When was the last time you learnt something new?”.  It got me to thinking that it had actually been quite some time.  So I’m going to take up a new hobby or two.  Firstly I have been wanting to produce some video for my website and training programs and it’s completely beyond me.  I’d also like to make some videos of my sports and our holidays.  We do some pretty cool stuff, diving 300kms off the coast of cairns, diving with sharks, skiing in Queenstown/Japan/Utah (soon), we’re going to try heli-skiiing, I go MTB riding and I like to drive my car fast(ish) around a race track.  So I got a High Definition helmet cam to start capturing some footage with a view to learning how to do video-editing.   Stay tuned, I might even be able to cut up some footage of Tony busting me up in one of our sessions.  Oh yeah, so new things.  My mates who I was away with are all accomplished surfers and I was keen to experience some of what they were talking about.  Have been for sometime actually but I’m a two feet going forwards kinda guy.  Never have managed to do the two feet going sideways (surfing, skateboarding, snow board etc).  So it was suggested I try a Body Board instead of a surfboard.  The ocean was messy, not that big (apparently, the waves looks huge to me) but it was very nerve-wracking.  I managed to get out the back and caught one wave in.  By the time that had happened I was pretty exhausted and wasn’t able to get back out again.  I’m told that the conditions were hardly worth it but it was still fun, it was good to scare myself and I was reminded to “just stay calm” while out there.  I had everything I needed to survive including being a strong swimmer and fit.  Amazing really.  I was NOT calm and that piece of advice really helped.  I’m going to try to remember that as I approach other situations that make me stressed or nervous.

Resolutions:-  well we mostly all do it each year.  Make some goals, proudly declare them on the 31st and forget them by about the 4th.  How are you going with yours?  I’m no different, I’m certainly no goal setting machine.  I do however like to think about what I want out of the year.  This year is about growth and personal and professional development for me and my business.

  • I want to reduce our mortgage by half
  • Plan and prepare (save $) for Kirt’s 40th in 2013 (6 week Europe trip)
  • Explore some short-term Change Management contracting roles in new sectors (resources, finance, banking)
  • Potentially relocate to CBD location here, Melbourne or Syd
  • Continue to focus on be the fittest version of ME I can be.  Trying not to compare with others but to set my own standards
  • Attend Final Cut Pro video editing course
  • Continue blogging in a couple of areas

As you can see, they don’t really follow the full SMART goal format but that’s ok.  I didn’t want to be too specific.  I actually read that the announcement of our goals, making them public can in some instances contribute to our NOT achieving them.  Mainly because we get the ‘satisfaction’ from saying “I’m going to….”  and then we lose the motivation to pursue the objective because we’ve already been somewhat gratified.  I think I saw it on the TED talks website.  So I’m going to adopt a 2012 “mission statement’ approach.  Here it is…

2012 is about exploring new directions, building on personal and professional competencies, and ensuring that my actions allow me to be the best me I can be.  To be grateful for who I am and what I have, and to remain healthy, upbeat and optimistic in the face of adversity.


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