Is it possible to give 110%?

Quick post.  Kirt and I completed out first 2 on 1 session for 2012 and after a period of inactivity (me) and a small back injury (me) it actually wasn’t too bad.  I think I may have scrapped through the Christmas period ok.  It certainly wasn’t as good as I had planned, but it was nowhere near as bad as I had feared.  So do I chalk that up as a win or not?  Hmmm.  Perhaps I’ll claim a Bradbury (so named in honour of Stephen Bradbury who won gold in the speed skating at the winter olympics awhile ago.  You know, the one were everyone else fell over and he skated to the victory).

Anyway, at the end of the session Tony asked us “So.  If I offered you a couple of thousand dollars, could you have done more reps?”.  Kirt said “yes”.  I qualified first with “How many thousand dollars?”.  It’s funny really.  I was pushing hard but on reflection would like to think I could’ve pushed a bit harder and got a few more reps out (it was AMRAP – As Many Reps as Possible).  But to admit that means I was holding back….  Was I?  I don’t know.  I’d like to think that as I get fitter and stronger and better conditioned I could do more, and perhaps even push closer to my own physical limits but as it was today I think I did the best I could’ve done in that situation. I’m happy with that.

Now.  Where can I lie down for a bit???


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