52 small changes over a year equals what?

It’s supposed to equal one big change.

I’ve been reading a book called 52 Small Changes and it suggests that one of the problems we (humans) face when trying to make changes in our lives (start or break habits etc) is that we often try to go from zero to hero in one fell swoop.  I do this.  After not having run for over 6 months I now want to immediately get back to my running best. Or when I decide to improve my diet I instantly cut out EVERYTHING I’m not supposed to have rather than moderate the bad things and introduce more of the good things.  The theory being that change, or sustainable change takes time and we need to be patient and keep working at it.  This aligns with other things I’ve read or listened to on change management both personally and in the workplace.  So anyway, this book takes a holistic view of a healthy, happy and productive life and provides a series of weekly activities (changes)  in the areas of Diet and Nutrition; Fitness and Prevention; Mental Well-Being (looking forward to that one) and Green Living (not really on my radar but I’ll have a look at it.

This week the challenge is to drink sufficient water, something Tony stress to me and that I’m not that great at.   On hot days like today, it’s easy to remember to drink water but I recall when it gets cooler, or you spend all day in air-con it tends to fade from my consciousness.

I’ll keep you posted.

Did a good weights session today and on my weighted chin ups managed to get 7 in a row on my first set.  They were good ones too so I’m kinda happy about that.









And no…. that’s not me.


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