Disciplined or content? Can’t I have both?

One of the things I love about training with Tony is the opportunity to learn new little credo’s and philosophies.  What’s great is that I often get to experience them, not just ‘hear’ or ‘read’ them.  For instance the last couple of visits I’ve noticed a little sign that says something like.

‘You don’t have to be disciplined but you do have to be content.’  or something like that.  I’ve walked past that sign several times, glanced at it and thought to myself “oh yeah, make’s sense…” but that was about it.  Well, almost it.  The lesson that ultimately prompted my new understanding came later.  This morning in fact.

We were discussing my good but not great adherence to the food plan.  Kirt and I’ve been eating those icey poles.  Kinda perfect given the heat wave of the past few days!  How hot has it been here in Brisbane by the way?  So these icey poles.  I’ve been eating them.  They’re just cordial, about 25 ml’s or thereabouts.  Actually, I’m going to check.  Be right back.

Uhhmmm.  My bad.  They’re 75 mls each.  Of cordial.  So this morning I was saying to Tony “how bad can they be?”   After all, it’s just sugar….

Well even I know that 75 mls of cordial is actually a lot of sugar.  But even when I thought it was just 25mls Tony’s response was interesting.

“Mate you’ve got to choose.”  he says, “one icy pole now and then is probably not that bad in the scheme of things and you can be fit and still enjoy them.”

“Oh, sweet.” I was thinking, “this sounds good.”

But he wasn’t finished.  “…but you’ll have to be content with not being as lean and ripped as perhaps is possible if you’d stick to the plan.”

Hmmm.  So the question has changed for me.  It’s now something like “How fit, lean and ripped, is sufficient for me to be content?”  Interesting question.  I’ll ponder that and let you know.  Exploring contentment is something I’m naturally drawn too right now.  Have been for a while actually so stay posted.

But perhaps reflect on what you would be content with?

I’d love to know.


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