Drink, Drink, Drink

Well.  It’s usually difficult for me to get my 8 glasses of water in per day, plus extra for exercise etc.  I reckon including the bottle I drink while training I probably get around 8 glasses per day.  These past few hot days I probably needed to consume even more.


Warning!    Kinda gross discussion about water and toilets coming up.  Stop reading now if easily offended.

Ok, you were warned.


Some things I’ve noticed about trying to drink more water.  Not just more per se but sufficient to meet the recommended amount, so for me that’s more than I have been drinking previously.

1)  When you start it all seems to go straight through you.  Drink. Pee.  Drink. Pee. Drink. Pee.  and repeat…  Makes me wonder if I really need it if all keeps coming right out.  But persist and you notice the colour and smell (I know, I know.  Gross.  I did tell you though) change and it becomes much clearer and completely not smelly.  Much healthier all round actually.  I presume you know the physiology and biology behind this.  Kidneys filter blood, by products of filtration excreted through urine,  water flushes kidneys, rids body of toxic by products = clear, non smelly urine.

2) The more you drink, the more you seem to want.  Not sure what this is about, perhaps just your body knowing what’s good for it but i seem to start to get thirsty for water and indeed crave it when I’m drinking more.  Weird huh?

I’m going to keep going with my water challenge and I’m going to use the colour of my pee as the guide as to how much is enough.  Not clear.  Drink more water.  Clear.  Have a drink to celebrate.

Next weeks change challenge is to get more zzzzz’s!  Nice.


2 thoughts on “Drink, Drink, Drink

  1. The health scientist in my is clapping her hands! Love this message: ” Not clear. Drink more water. Clear. Have a drink to celebrate.”

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