Basic Human Needs

There’s a real opportunity for reflection and insight during a training session.

You’re the subject of another human beings focus for up to an hour and you’re usually pushing yourself physically and mentally resulting in a peeling back of any artifice or ego.

It’s a good thing.

You’ve probably worked out that I’m a bit mercurial at the best of times.  A little ‘up and down’ shall we say.  At the very least I have the potential to be a bit of a head-case.  🙂

Kirt and I have been getting a little restless.  We feel we want to make some changes in our lives.  Mix it up a little bit you know?  In my case I need to be more productive in my work.  Working in my own business is great, but I’m feeling a little isolated and I’ve not learnt anything new in some time, the income is also a little unpredictable.  In addition we’re keen to move homes, to move somewhere a little closer to the lifestyle we’d like to lead.  So there’s a bit going on in Sean’s head and I think Tony got wind of that.  In fact I’m sure he did because he asked me if I knew about the basic human needs.

Here they are.  There are several models around that talk about this but this is one of the more established ones.  When I reflected on them I can map pretty much all of the unease, discontent, dissatisfaction (whatever you want to call it) to these human needs.

For instance, learning new things – the need for Growth.

Feeling isolated in my work – Connection.

A more predictable income – Certainty.

A sense of purpose and making a difference (I romanticise the idea of going and digging wells in third world countries) – Contribution and Significance.

Even Uncertainty rears it’s head because I’m contemplating life changes because I’m a bit bored, things are too predictable.

I’ve decided to make no resolutions this year.  Instead I’ve adopted a theme. I think I was telling you about it in an earlier post.  My theme or mission for the year.  “To learn new things.”  This gives me permission to explore. To take the pressure off whether I get something right first time and just give it a go.  Whether that’s relocating my family to another city or just getting a part-time job, or doing some volunteering.  So far, I’m optimistic.  I feel there’s been enough navel gazing and now it’s time for action.  Whew, that actually feels good saying that.

Gotta fly.  Meeting Tony in 20 mins for our Saturday smash fest!  Got no idea what that will entail but I’m certain it’ll be good for me, uncertain about what exactly it will be, I’m sure it will grow me, I get to connect with some other people and maybe in some small way I’ll add to someone’s day in a significant way.  Wow.  There’s most of my needs met in one gym session…..

Thanks for listening.


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