Had a tough 2 on 1 session with Kirt and Tony this morning.  I got owned and I’m pretty sure Kirt did too.  Out of the corner of my eye I think I saw her legs wobble after hoping off the bike on her way over to the chin up bars.  I’m not sure what made it so tough?  Kirt and I think it probably had something to do with a less than perfect (health wise) weekend.  In addition to it being tough generally of course.

Funny isn’t it.  On one hand you can justify all sorts of behaviour (late nights, too much booze, too little exercise, bad but yummy food) as “just this once” or “I’ll make it up next week” or “I need to blow off some steam” but it’s hard to justify it come training time.  This was a challenging workout that neither of us smashed, rather it smashed us.  A bit like this guy in the clip.


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