Week 2 Challenge.

Well my first week of small changes adding up to big lifestyle changes was probably about a 6/10.  I was more conscious of having to drink more water.  I noticed when I hadn’t drunk enough.  But I don’t think I actually increased my water consumption.  I’ll keep at it though.

Week 2’s challenge is to get more sleep.  This was one I thought I’d be good at.  I like my sleep and working for myself I can be really flexible and have often stolen a mid afternoon nap (actually I find them really energising).  For a power nap to be effective I’ve found a couple of things that work well for me.

  1. Turn off all distractions, like mobile phones, radios etc.
  2. Set an alarm.  This is critical. You’ve got to be able to relax and not worry about waking up again.  And plus, you don’t want to sleep for too long.  I’ve found about 20-30 mins to be right for me.
  3. When the alarm goes, just get up.  Straight away.  I know it sounds straight forward but it’s important, otherwise you’ll be tempted to continue dozing.  This won’t leave you feeling refreshed but rather drag out that somnolent, sleepy, lethargic feeling.

Studies have shown power naps can increase productivity and alertness, in some cases quite significantly.  We all have waking and sleeping rhythms (called circadian rhythms) that are actually out of synch with our 24hr clock we run our lives.  You’ve probably also noticed that you have different levels of alertness at various times of the day.  Some people are early birds and others are night owls.  Right now it’s 11:37pm and I’m wide awake.  Probably not such a good thing seeing as I want to get up early and do some exercise.

So, my mission this week is to get more sleep.  Probably means I’m going to have to take a nana nap, oops, ‘power-nap’ in the afternoon.

Night all.


2 thoughts on “Week 2 Challenge.

  1. It’s so lucky for me to find your blog! So great! Just one suggestion: It will be better and easier to follow if your blog can offer rrs subscription service.

    • Hi Ruth,
      I’m glad you enjoy it. 🙂

      I’ll look into setting up the RSS feed. Im a bit of a newbie so not 100% certain I can do it.
      Thanks again for reading.

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