Why do I want to be fab at 40?

I was chatting with Tony this afternoon at our session.   One of the things I was worried about (see previous post) was whetherI had an appropriate reason for my goal, thus motivating me to make the right choices.  Turns out I didn’t have enough reasons.

Here’s my revised list:

Health – I want to live well (active, able bodied, disease free) for as long as I can.
Fitness – this is linked to my health but I also like being able to do the things I enjoy well.  At a certain level.  For instance if I was to go for a run (which I quite enjoy) I don’t want to labour over 3kms.  I want to be able to punch out a decent 5, 6 or even 8km run.  Its not about the time I do it in, its about my ability to hold a decent pace, maintain form, and feel like “I’ve got this”.
Look Good Naked.  This is something that’s probably linked to my primal brain about being attractive to the opposite sex.  In this case my lovely wife, Kirt.
Energy.  I want to be able to tackle the challenges that face me day to day.
Not repeat the mistakes of my Father.  Wonderful man, I love him dearly but he gambled with his health (I think genetics weren’t on his side either) and it has compromised the quality of his life from 45 onwards as a result.
Resilience.  Shit happens.  I want to be able to bounce back from adverse events.  This is as much about mental health as it is to do with physical fitness but for me my mental health is clearly linked to exercise.
Mental Health.  See above.  When I’m exercising regularly I feel and think better and am less likely to become depressed.
Inspire my Wife.  I want Kirt to be motivated to maintain her health through regular exercise and this is more likely if I’m doing the same thing.
Enjoy my Holidays.  As you know we like to go skiing.  It usually costs a lot of money and we’re only there for a short time, therefore we want to make the most of it and be able to ski all day and not have to miss out or come in early because I’m unfit.
Keep up with my younger friends.  I have quite a few friends who are 5, 6 and 7 years younger than me.  I’d rather be regarded as old thanks to some wisdom than arthritis and a pot belly.
Walk the Talk.  In my work I stand in front of many people and often preach about balance, mental health, EQ, etc.  I want to look like I follow my own advice.  It also doesn’t hurt to be physically attractive (in shape I mean, there’s nothing I can do about my mug) when meeting new clients and building professional relationships.

Ok.  That was useful.  I’m off to bed to get my zzzz’s now.

Nite all.



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